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Lovely Letters For Girlfriend (2020)

+35 Good Morning Text For Girlfriend/Wife

Lovely Letters For Girlfriend (2020)

There are many ways to make her happy, one of these is a well composed letter. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Check out some texts below and find the one that suit your desire!

Your love has truly made my life special, your love means a lot to me.

There is not a single moment of my life, when I don’t think about you or when I don’t want to love you. Baby! I am truly addicted to you. Love you a lot!

You are the one I want to spend my life with.

There is some kind of connection that we share. A connection of heart when I know that we are one. I can so be with you when I am with you; there is no fakeness of role. If this is called as being a soul mate, then I think I have found a real soul mate in you.

Baby, know that I am in love with you, and I will forever stay in love with you.

Your lovely eyes and that awesome smile. I know you are and will be there in every while.

Your smile brightens up my whole day. When you come near me I lose my say. I think I love you very much, that is why I can feel your touch.

Baby! I love you to the core and I can’t ask for any more except your love.

With all my heart and soul, I write to you that you are my life and my love so true.

Since the time you came in life, my life has changed for good. There is a feeling and need of being with you every time and that is because I am most comfortable in your company.

With you, I am at ease and I share everything that is on my mind. Baby just want to tell you that you gave a new meaning to my life and you made me realize the power of true love. I will be there for you forever and ever. Baby I am so in love with you.

You know that I truly love you my dear, I may not tell you this daily. Today, I just want to let you know that you mean so much then you think you are.

You are like that spark of diamond that forever shines. You are like that bright light that makes darkness look good. In my life, you have a special role to play.

I never really felt this way so in love as I felt along with you. Baby, know that I am in love with you. I promise that this love will stay till the end of time. I promise you will forever be mine. I promise that pure love will grow with time. I love you!

Whatever be the reason where you go in time. One thing I will be sure that you are truly mine. I know that you are special. I know that I love you. And, I also know the reason why I really do.

You are my soul mate and my life and I want you to be my wife. Baby, yes it’s a special feeling. Please be my wife. I love you so much.

You are my only dream come true in life; you are the radiance in the dark.

Baby I just want to hold you tight and kiss you with my passion tonight. Don’t want to let you go from my arms. Don’t want to let you go from my sight. I have eyes only for you and in my heartbeat it is you.

I cannot imagine living a life if you are not with me. It’s like in your company, I have found my true destiny.

Baby I am so in love with you and it won’t ever change that is a promise from me so true. Yeah! Only in love with you!

To the one I my heart longs for, Love was just a word until my life introduced me to you!

Just like the sun belongs to the sky and the fishes belong to the sea, I feel like I belong to you.

It feels like I have finally found my purpose in life, the reason I was made. I was made for you.

I feel so lucky that I have finally reunited with my soulmate. I never ever want to part from you.

You are the reason for my happiness, and only you have to power to make me cry. I love you my angel, will never give up on this beautiful relationship. Yours today and forever.

You truly mesmerize me when you look at me. There is no one except you to see.

Your love gives me a power to say. It helps me give me strength on my way. Your love completes me and makes me a better person each day. You have a say in my life, you have a say in my being.

Baby do not change the way you are for I love you the way you are. Your love gives me so much that I cannot just stay without your touch.

Your love is the power that I feel. I love you so much baby.

You are the girl of my dreams; you are the one I was waiting for so long.

You are the reason why there is brightness in my life; you are the reason why I always smile. You are my life and you are my being, you are everything that I am seeing. You are my present and past does not matter. But I do see a future with you, I also know that you love me true. So, just come and express it on my face, I know that we would make a loving couple. Baby I love you so much.

Your love is like a longing that I feel from my heart; you know that you are a special part. So much that I cannot stay without you.

Your love is so special and your love is so true. Baby, do not change ever in life, do not be the person you are not.

I will love you till the end of time and that is my promise from every thought.

I am so lucky being with you, baby I am so in love with you. Baby I love you and I mean it through, nothing can change this love in life.


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