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Leadership empowerment enhances creativity, states medical expert

Leadership empowerment enhances creativity, states medical expert

A United States-based Nigerian medical expert and founder of the Love For Health Non-Governmental Organisation, Dr Yusuf Haroun, emphasises the importance of psychological and leadership empowerment in nurturing creativity among young people.

Dr. Yusuf, who holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from Lagos State University, highlights the need for the Nigerian government and organizations to collaborate in addressing youth restiveness through leadership empowerment initiatives.

He points out that many Nigerian youths have demonstrated their effectiveness and capabilities on both local and global scales, making them valuable resources that should be harnessed.

Dr. Yusuf explains that creative engagement enables employees to develop vital skills, such as problem-solving, information retrieval and encoding, and idea generation. As employees strive to excel in these areas, they naturally become psychologically empowered, which significantly contributes to their overall performance. Consequently, the creative engagement process positively influences psychological empowerment and boosts employees’ creativity.

Furthermore, Dr. Yusuf notes that leadership empowerment can serve as a mechanism through which employees motivate their employers within an organization.

Currently pursuing an MBA program in Healthcare Administration at Franklin University, Ohio, USA, he underscores how leadership empowerment can increase the likelihood of positive behaviour and prosocial involvement, offering a promising strategy to support healthy development and mitigate the risk of negative outcomes among young people.

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