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Lawyer Cautions Ondo Lawmakers Against Manipulative Use of Impeachment

Lawyer Cautions Ondo Lawmakers Against Manipulative Use of Impeachment

Pelumi Olajengbesi, a human rights lawyer based in Abuja, has issued a plea to members of the Ondo State House of Assembly, urging them not to permit disgruntled politicians to exploit impeachment proceedings as a weapon against their adversaries.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Olajengbesi, representing the Abuja-based law firm Law Corridor, expressed deep concern about the unfolding political developments in Ondo State.

He stated, “The impending impeachment proceedings against Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, orchestrated by the Ondo State House of Assembly, have sparked significant apprehension regarding the state of governance and the sacrosanct rule of law.” Olajengbesi raised alarm over the apparent inconsistency in the notice of gross misconduct served by Honourable Olatunji Shat, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, which Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa firmly denied receiving.

This disparity, characterized as an ‘audio notice,’ is seen as a breach of due process and constitutional integrity, undermining the very foundations upon which our nation is built. Olajengbesi lamented the presence of such underhanded maneuvers that undermine fundamental principles of the rule of law within our political process. He emphasized that the rule of law is not a mere abstraction but the cornerstone upon which our society is constructed, ensuring impartial justice without prejudice. To undermine this venerable principle is to court chaos and sow the seeds of anarchy, a path that Ondo State must firmly reject.

Olajengbesi reminded the Honourable Members of the Ondo State House of Assembly that impeachment proceedings, enshrined in the constitution, must not be exploited as tools in political maneuvering or proxy vendettas. Impeachment proceedings are solemn processes that demand meticulous adherence to legality. Therefore, the audacious attempt to bypass established procedures and hastily engage in such a momentous constitutional matter not only endangers the sanctity of our legal framework but also raises significant suspicion regarding potential political motivations. He expressed disappointment and shame over the roles played by the Speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly and Honourable Olatunji Shat, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, in this unfolding crisis.

Olajengbesi pointed out that their actions, seemingly designed to subvert due process and politicize a constitutionally clear procedure, undermine the core principles of democracy. While the true motives behind their zealous involvement remain unclear, whether for personal gain or on behalf of others, it is evident that Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa has found himself in the midst of a storm brewed by those opposed to his rapid ascent in state politics and his exemplary performance while standing in for Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

He called upon the people of Ondo State not to allow the state to become a theater of absurdity, symbolizing how institutions meant to uphold our laws can be manipulated for personal interests.

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