Ladies, Get In ! See The 6 Possible Reasons Why Guys Don ’ t Like You

Hello ladies, most of you might have been in a deep worried why guys don’t just like you in one way or the other.

Here are six possible reasons why guys don’t like you:
1. You Tell Lies A Lot: There is no single truth in your mouth. You are always lying and it is about everything. Even the way you look is a lie, with your borrowed outfits and all.
2. You Don’t Notice The Little Things: Guys are usually not as aggressive with the emotions as girls are. Most guys would show it in the littlest ways by picking that particular cup cake you like on his way back.
3. You Are Always On Your Phone: You don’t know how to make people around you feel valued and you are always consulting social media instead of paying attention to the actual people around you.
4. You Love Parties: If you’re going out to parties and chilling at least three times a week, soon the guy in your life would get tired of it as he would want to be reached on a deeper level.
5. You Don’t Work But You Want To Spend Like A Millionaire: You should be making money if you want to wear all the designer stuff for the rest of your life.
Ladies like competing amongst themselves, buying things they won’t use and just keeping it in their cupboards for decoration.
6. Being Too Friendly With Other Guys: Its possible guys DO NOT like it when a lady they are interested in appears to comfortable with other guys.
It spurs different types of thoughts in the guy and he ends up seeing the girl in question as being too loose.

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