Kizz Daniel Employs His Former Boss, Emperor Geezy as Flyboi CEO

Kizz Daniel Employs His Former Boss, Emperor Geezy as Flyboi CEO

Nigerian music sensation, Kizz Daniel, has made a surprising move by signing his former record label boss, Emperor Geezy, to his very own record label, Fly Boi Inc. This unexpected collaboration has set the music industry abuzz and captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Previously, Kizz Daniel had been a notable artist under Emperor Geezy’s G-Worldwide label. However, in a recent interview with renowned media personality Angela Yee, Kizz Daniel revealed that he has now appointed Emperor Geezy as the new CEO of Fly Boi Inc., the record label he established.

In this unprecedented decision, Kizz Daniel has chosen to step down from his position as CEO, allowing his former boss to assume the reins of Fly Boi Inc. This unexpected twist adds a new dynamic to their professional relationship and highlights Kizz Daniel’s confidence in Emperor Geezy’s abilities.

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By merging their talents and experiences, Kizz Daniel and Emperor Geezy are poised to create exciting opportunities for up-and-coming artists under the Fly Boi Inc. banner. This collaboration not only showcases Kizz Daniel’s humility and trust in his ex-boss but also sets a remarkable precedent in the Nigerian music industry.

Fans and industry insiders eagerly await the future endeavors of Kizz Daniel and Emperor Geezy as they embark on this new chapter together. With their combined expertise and creative prowess, there is no doubt that Fly Boi Inc. will continue to make waves in the music scene, delivering chart-topping hits and captivating audiences worldwide.

He disclosed, “Recently, I stepped down being the CEO of Fly Boi Inc. So, I signed up Emperor Geezy as the new CEO of Fly Boi Inc. And we just signed a new artist, Prime; that’s his name. He’s really good. He’s also on my upcoming album.”

In 2013, Kizz Daniel entered into a record agreement with G-Worldwide Entertainment. However, due to a highly publicized contract dispute and subsequent legal battle in 2017, he made the decision to part ways with the label. Taking matters into his own hands, Kizz Daniel established his very own record label called Fly Boi Inc. This move allowed him to have greater control over his music career and pursue his artistic vision independently.

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