Kenyan authorities allegedly place Sam Larry’s passport on a blocklist

Kenyan authorities allegedly place Sam Larry's passport on a blocklist
Kenyan authorities allegedly place Sam Larry's passport on a blocklist

The passing of Mohbad has been an incredibly emotional and widely publicized celebrity death, capturing significant attention. As time goes on, new information and updates continue to surface, and the latest development in this tragic story revolves around Sam Larry, an assistant to Naira Marley, who is reportedly facing repercussions in Kenya.

As the controversy surrounding Sam Larry’s alleged involvement in Mohbad’s death intensifies, it appears that the Kenyan authorities have taken a significant measure. It has come to light that Sam Larry’s passport has been placed on a blacklist by the Kenyan government, effectively barring him from entering the country.

This surprising turn of events was revealed through a message shared by Morgan Dmw, a supporter of Davido. According to a conversation with one of the Kenyan authorities, this information was disclosed.

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Good morning sir I am informed he wants to travel to Dubai secretly but unfortunately as per Yesterday me and my Director of crimir investigation and public prosecutions Kenya has talked.

His passport was blocklisted and placed a stop order until he is arrested and investigated on his entry purpose to Kenya and deported back to Nigeria as we believe he has an ongoing criminal case to aid in investigation and be held responsible if found liable with charges on him.

The director watched all the videos on social media and write up and he said it is enough to claim he is dangerous and a treat to the people of Kenya”

The initial association between Sam Larry and Mohbad’s demise emerged when a video emerged, depicting Sam Larry allegedly assaulting Mohbad. This footage only served to intensify the speculation surrounding their connection.

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Subsequently, it came to light that Mohbad himself had lodged a formal complaint against Sam Larry for the assault he had suffered. The distressing video footage raised concerns about potential undisclosed incidents that may have transpired privately.

Complicating matters further, Mohbad had taken legal action against Marlian Music, the record label he was signed to, due to unpaid royalties. This ongoing legal dispute, unresolved at the time of his death, cast additional doubt on the nature of the relationship between the artist and his record label.

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