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Jonathan Appeals for Prayers for Mother During Elder Sister’s Funeral

Jonathan Appeals for Prayers for Mother During Elder Sister's Funeral

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has called upon Nigerians to offer their prayers and support to his mother, Mama Eunice Afeni-Jonathan, and the entire family in the wake of the passing of his elder sister, Madam Obebhatein.

Jonathan expressed that the loss of Madam Obebhatein has deeply affected their mother, causing her great emotional distress. He made these remarks during the burial ceremony held in Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State on Friday.

Madam Obebhatein, who was 70 years old, passed away on January 11, 2024. She was the only surviving sibling of the former president’s elderly mother.

Speaking at the event, Jonathan reflected on the nature of death and its timing. He acknowledged that while death is an inevitable part of life, the timing of it holds significance. He expressed his gratitude to the Bayelsa State First Lady and other women who provided support to his mother during his absence in London.

Jonathan appealed for continued prayers for his mother, emphasizing the impact of the loss on her well-being. He acknowledged the trauma she has experienced and expressed his belief that with the support of prayers, they will overcome this difficult time.

“I sincerely thank you all for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for my mother. With God’s grace, we will find strength and resilience. Thank you,” he said. 

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