Jaji shares reasons for aspiring to become House of Representatives Speaker

Jaji shares reasons for aspiring to become House of Representatives Speaker

Aminu Jaji, an aspirant for the position of Speaker for the 10th House of Representatives, has emphasized that his election as speaker would prevent the House from being labeled a “rubber stamp” institution.

He further stated his commitment to fostering collaboration and unity between the legislative and executive branches of government for the betterment of the nation.

In a meeting with fellow lawmakers on Friday, Jaji outlined these pledges, as conveyed in a statement released in Abuja on Saturday. He addressed the members-elect of the House of Representatives, reiterating his active participation in the race for the speakership position. Jaji expressed his vision of leading an all-inclusive parliament, should he be granted the opportunity to guide the 360-member lower chamber.

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Jaji said: “I am seeking the office because I want the 10th Assembly to be independent. I named my campaign a unity project because it’s for the unity of purpose and it is an independent campaign without the influence of anybody.

“It is a pity that some people are seeking the office on the influence of somebody. This is a sad reality to allow external influence to determine our leader

“The National Assembly must not be a rubberstamp in order to work for the unity of the country. My leadership will not antagonise the executive but will work hand in hand with them to bring peace to the country.

“All the members are competent and capable of being in the National Assembly, so they must be allowed to choose their leaders. Let us work together and have a leader that we will sit together with and share the dividends together and not somebody who will be given the list of who and who should get or talk at plenary. My project is the only campaign that nobody can claim he has given kobo to in order to secure any benefits.”

According to the statement, the meeting was graced by a minimum of 150 members-elect of the House of Representatives.

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