Isreal DMW Shows Support for Davido by Deleting Instagram Posts and Profile Photo

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Isreal DMW Shows Support for Davido by Deleting Instagram Posts and Profile Photo

Isreal DMW, who works as a logistics manager for musician Davido, has made a move similar to his employer by deleting all of his Instagram posts. According to a check carried out by Vistanaij Media, Isreal DMW’s Instagram page no longer contains any content.

As part of this purge, the logistics manager has taken down all of his previous posts, including photos and videos from his wedding. Additionally, Isreal DMW has removed his profile picture, leaving his Instagram page completely empty.

It is unclear why Isreal DMW decided to delete his posts, as he has not made any public statement on the matter. However, this move has sparked speculation among fans and followers, with some wondering if it is related to recent events surrounding Davido and his team

Davido shocks fans as he deletes his profile picture and posts except for three

Following in the footsteps of his boss, Davido, Isreal DMW has also deleted all of his Instagram posts. This move occurred just hours after Davido shocked fans by deleting all of his own posts from the social media platform.

It was observed on the evening of Tuesday, March 14th that Davido had removed his profile picture and deleted all of his 4,000+ posts within minutes. The singer, who boasts over 26 million followers on Instagram, left only three posts remaining on his page. These included a picture of his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, who passed away in October, a photo of him and his wife, Chioma Adeleke, and an image of his performance at the World Cup in Qatar.

While some fans were concerned that Davido may be going through a difficult time, others expressed excitement and speculated that he was simply revamping his page for a new era. Isreal DMW’s decision to also delete his Instagram posts has fueled further speculation among fans as to the reason behind the move. However, no official statement has been made by either Davido or Isreal DMW on the matter

Isreal DMW Shows Support for Davido by Deleting Instagram Posts and Profile Photo

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