IPOB Urges Tinubu to Stabilise Cement Prices and Prevent Nigeria’s Crisis

IPOB Urges Tinubu to Stabilise Cement Prices and Prevent Nigeria’s Crisis

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to intervene in the prevailing monopoly on cement and other building materials, which has resulted in skyrocketing prices.

In a statement signed by IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful, Tinubu was urged to take action and prevent Nigeria from descending into a crisis caused by the exorbitant cost of cement.

Powerful attributed the current hardships faced by the Igbo people and Nigerians at large to discriminatory policies that have targeted their business interests. IPOB, under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, called on the Nigerian government to dismantle the monopolistic control of cement and building materials, which has disproportionately favored Fulani-owned companies, particularly Dangote and BUA.

To address the escalating prices, Powerful suggested that Tinubu engage with patriotic company owners such as Ibeto and others in the building materials sector. By reversing the policies implemented during the Obasanjo regime, Tinubu could help alleviate the burden on Nigerian citizens and restore fair competition in the market.

While IPOB emphasized the importance of preventing Nigeria from imploding, they also maintained that Biafrans would persevere, sustain their livelihoods, and continue building houses until the realization of Biafra. The statement criticized the government for supporting monopolies that exploit the people, highlighting the need for Tinubu to promote a fair market by allowing healthy competition.

Currently, the cost of a bag of cement stands at nearly N12,000, with 12mm iron rods priced at N13,000. These exorbitant prices, driven by monopolistic practices, pose a threat to housing security for many Nigerians in the coming years. IPOB’s plea to Tinubu is aimed at addressing this pressing issue and fostering a more equitable market environment.

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