Initial Draft Expected by August 2025, Says Kalu – Constitution Amendment

Initial Draft Expected by August 2025, Says Kalu – Constitution Amendment

During a press conference held by the House Committee on Constitution Review, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, announced that the initial draft report for the ongoing review of the 1999 constitution would be completed by August 2025.

Following the voting on key concerns by both chambers of the National Assembly, the final clean copy for presidential assent will be released in the same month.

The committee, inaugurated on Monday in Abuja, had initially set a 24-month timeline for the conclusion of the exercise. The committee’s chairman, Kalu, revealed the projected timeline for various stages of the process during the press conference.

Kalu stated, “We are striving to ensure that the first draft of the constitution is prepared within a reasonable timeframe. Subject to approval from the subcommittee, our target is to release the first draft in August 2024. The second draft will follow in October 2024, with zonal inputs commencing from that month. We will continue to collect inputs from citizens starting from October 14th, 2024, as we prepare the final version of the constitution.”

He further explained that a harmonization of issues is anticipated on February 27th and 28th, 2025, during a technical working retreat. The Senate and the House of Representatives documents will be harmonised at this retreat. The committee aims to have the harmonised documents considered in the House by March 17th, 2025. By April 2025, the final copies of draft amendments are expected to be produced. The final clean copy of amendment bills, agreed upon by May 12th, 2025, will be laid for consideration and voting by May 22nd, 2025.

Kalu emphasized that the voting on the committee’s work will take place on May 22nd, 2025. The committee anticipates securing the final concurrence of state assemblies by the end of May or mid-June. If any delays occur, it is expected that the process will be completed no later than August 2025, when the bills will be presented to the President for assent.

Kalu also called for the submission of memoranda from various interest groups, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Labour Unions, relevant government institutions, and the general public to aid the committee’s work. The thematic areas for submission include Federal Structure and Power Devolution, Local Government/Local Government Autonomy, Public Revenue, Fiscal Federation, and Revenue Allocation, Nigerian Police and Nigerian Security Architecture, Comprehensive Judicial Reforms, Electoral Reforms, Socio-economic and Cultural Rights, Traditional Institutions, Gender Issues, Strengthening the Independence of Oversight Institutions, Residency and Indigene Provisions, Immunity, The National Assembly, Process of State Creation, State Access to Mining, and any other matters promoting good governance and the welfare of all citizens.

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