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Independence Day: Nigerian Citizens Encouraged to Prioritize Local Production – AA Chair, Omo-Aje

Independence Day: Nigerian Citizens Encouraged to Prioritize Local Production - AA Chair, Omo-Aje

Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje, the National Chairman of Action Alliance, has called for a shift towards local production in Nigeria to reduce dependence on imports.

In a statement celebrating the country’s 63rd independence anniversary, Omo-Aje emphasized the need to develop a local content framework that promotes self-sufficiency and decreases the reliance on foreign goods.

Omo-Aje expressed concerns about the negative impact of an excessive desire for foreign tastes on the Nigerian economy, citing the devaluation of the national currency as a consequence. He stressed that Nigeria has the potential to feed and stabilize the African subregion by boosting its export capacity and harnessing its abundant human and natural resources.

The Action Alliance Chair highlighted the importance of harnessing the country’s youthful population, which he described as a valuable asset. He urged President Bola Tinubu to address neglected areas of the nation’s livelihood to prevent potential crises and unlock Nigeria’s unlimited potential.

Omo-Aje commended Nigerians for their resilience, adaptability, and peaceful coexistence, noting that the country’s history of tolerance and ability to adapt to change without resorting to violence would soon become a subject of global admiration.

Regarding the electoral system, Omo-Aje called for greater circumspection and a reduction in post-election litigation. While acknowledging the importance of challenging elections in cases of dissent, he expressed the hope that Nigeria would mature as a nation and foster a culture of accepting defeat gracefully to avoid wasting resources and judicial time on prolonged election petitions.

Overall, Omo-Aje’s message on Independence Day urged Nigerians to embrace local production, unlock the nation’s potential, and foster a more mature electoral system.

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