“I don’t see any difference between Igbos and fanatical Muslims who go to a place and want to take over” – Women’s rights activist, Laila St. Matthew-Daniel defends priest who banned Igbo songs in Lagos parish

A Catholic Priest’s decision to ban Igbo songs in his parish has led to a debate among Catholics of various tribes.


Rev. Fr James Anelu, the Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Ewu-Owa Gberigbe in Ikorodu, announced during Sunday Mass that choristers should no longer sing Igbo songs in church because the church is in a Yoruba state (read here).


This led to chaos as members revolted but the priest threatened them with the “wrath of God”.


He has now been suspended by the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos (read here).


A number of people have taken to various platforms to share their opinion on the matter.


Journalist, Moji Danisa stood by the priest and accused Igbos of always trying to “colonise” anywhere they go.



Women’s rights activist Laila St. Matthew-Daniel then weighed in, defending Danisa.


She accused Igbos of being “domineering” and wanting to take over wherever they find themselves. She added that the Igbos are no different from “fanatical Muslims”.


She also brought up the civil war in her submission.


Ms. Matthew-Daniel wrote: “She speaks the truth!  I have Igbos in my family so I speak in love.  I also love the BEAT of the Igbo tune but makes no sense to me if I don’t understand what they are singing or shouting about.


“The issue I have is the need for the Igbos to be so domineering and wanting to take over a situation. It is in their DNA. Believe that.


“I can’t remember one of the Colonialists, when giving an analysis of the different tribes did say the Igbos are stubborn, opinionated and unwilling to be led.  YES – the war was a sad situation BUT HOW did it start? 


“I don’t see any difference really in the Igbos and some faction of fanatical Muslims who go to a place and want to take over the place.


“Latin is the universal LANGUAGE of the Catholic Church – so people should not go there.  If they juxtapose English with it – then people would understand.


“I don’t think it is the language as such but a ‘take over’ attitude and behaviour.


“When I was coming back on a trip on Turkish Airlines, it was horrible most of the time.  The LOUD banter in the Igbo language was grating.  The Yorubas also do same but not as much.


“I am going to TURN OFF Notifications because I don’t have time for those who don’t think deep before commenting – and are ready to exhibit their DNA.


“By the way – character DNA can be controlled.  It takes a willingness because I have very confident Igbo relatives.


“Coming to the priest, he should have been more tactful.  But I am not privy to his experience before this.


“Yes Igbos fill the church most times but it is not THEIR church but it belongs to everyone.”


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