“I am getting better and I feel better” – Jayboogie provides a health update on post BBL surgery

“I am getting better and I feel better” - Jayboogie provides a health update on post BBL surgery

Prominent Nigerian personality Jayboogie has recently addressed serious allegations of scamming Nigerians in a heartfelt statement.

The accusations revolved around Jayboogie’s health issues and the supposed need for a kidney transplant due to complications from a BBL surgery.

In a candid social media post, Jayboogie clarified the situation. He stated that he never claimed to require a kidney transplant and that the rumors were not initiated by him. He explained that his actual ordeal began with a kidney injury resulting from the BBL surgery. To substantiate his account, he shared images of himself in the operating room and during his challenging recovery period.

Jayboogie recounted the distressing experience of being unable to urinate for 12 hours after the surgery, which led to panic and an urgent referral to Lagoon Hospital on October 31, 2023. Despite undergoing a plasma exchange procedure in an effort to address the issue, his condition did not improve.

The situation was further exacerbated by intense media scrutiny, prompting Zenith Hospital, where he was admitted, to discharge him and recommend home dialysis. Jayboogie highlighted the negative impact of the controversy and public backlash on his mental well-being, including receiving death threats. As a result, he took a break from social media and limited communication to prioritize his mental health, a decision supported by his family to safeguard his privacy.

In his statement, Jayboogie vehemently denied the allegations of scamming the public. He affirmed that he did suffer from sepsis and acute kidney injury, which required a period of dialysis. However, he shared the joyful news that he was discharged on November 28 and is currently in the process of recovery. Although he is still undergoing medication, he remains optimistic about his healing journey.

Jayboogie concluded his statement by expressing sincere gratitude to everyone who provided financial and emotional support during this challenging period. His response to the allegations sheds light on the complexities faced by public figures when their personal struggles become entangled with public perception and misinformation.


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