Helen Paul Tatafo’s Heartfelt Life Story Brings Many to Tears

Helen Paul Tatafo's Heartfelt Life Story Brings Many to Tears

Renowned Nigerian stand-up comedian Helen Paul, popularly known as Tatafo, delivered a poignant account of her life story, leaving many in tears.

The talented actress shared a video on her Instagram page, where she candidly discussed feelings of rejection and how she transformed that rejection into a source of strength.

Helen Paul revealed that she faced stigma due to being conceived through rape, recounting how her aunties reminded her repeatedly that she carried “bad blood” and should not receive any financial support from her grandmother.

Tatafo shared the story of how she was named Helen and how an unknown man’s name was assigned to her because her relatives considered her a disgrace to the family.

In the video, Helen Paul encouraged her fans to persevere and not allow the stigma imposed by close ones to bring them down. She proudly mentioned her journey from being a comedian in Nigeria to becoming a professor in the United States.

Never feel rejected believe it to be your power force.From a comedian in Nigeria to a professor in USA.What a story!Please be alive to tell your story too. All things will work out.”

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