Healthcare Experts Dismiss Kidney Transplant Rumours for Jayboogie

Healthcare Experts Dismiss Kidney Transplant Rumours for Jayboogie

The recent controversy surrounding Jayboogie’s unsuccessful Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery has taken a new twist. CGE Healthcare, the medical facility responsible for his treatment, has released a clarifying statement to address the widespread speculation and rumours. Contrary to claims suggesting that Jayboogie urgently required a kidney transplant due to complications from the surgery, the healthcare provider offers a different perspective.

In documents released by CGE Healthcare, it is clarified that while Jayboogie’s condition is serious, it has not reached the stage where a kidney transplant is necessary. The facility acknowledges that he is facing kidney complications, but these are currently being managed without resorting to such extreme measures.

CGE Healthcare outlines that initially, Jayboogie’s recovery appeared to be progressing well. However, a significant decline in urine production raised concerns and prompted immediate medical attention, leading to consultations with a nephrologist and subsequent referral to another clinic. The facility notes that despite their recommendations, financial constraints and Jayboogie’s anxious behaviour influenced the decision to transfer him to another hospital.

This update from CGE Healthcare comes in response to a statement made by a friend of Jayboogie yesterday, claiming that his condition had deteriorated to the point of necessitating a kidney transplant. Such claims have further fueled the ongoing public discussion regarding the risks associated with cosmetic procedures like the BBL.

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