Every ladies wants to look beautiful. They are ready to spend loads of money for their beauty and for their skin care routine. Even those who have taken minimal skin care here is the list of resolutions that takes care of the skin and makes one shine with health and vitality.
◾The foremost important regime for our beauty and skin care routine is to have a healthy diet. Good nutrition is vital for glowing skin. A balanced diet definitely goes a long way in maintaining the skins structure.
◾One should drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from our body and to give a smooth look to our skin.
◾Sunscreen is a must if going out as sun rays can lead to pigmentation, wrinkles sagging of the skin.
◾The skin around the eyes is thinner than anywhere else and hence should be protected with a good eye cream.
◾For a beautiful skin one should have regular facials as it eliminates toxins and encourage cellular regeneration.
◾Avoid going to bed with makeup. Always wash your face before going to bed it prevents clogged pores, blackheads and give a shiny look to your skin.
◾Toner is a must for a daily routine as it removes all traces of dirt and prevents clogged pores.
Take these preventions and you will never require a cure.
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