Happy Birthday to my lovely dearie;

Happy Birthday to my lovely dearie;
Happy Birthday to my lovely dearie;

Happy Birthday to you, Ajimuda Folashade Gladys, popularly known as Linlylin. We wish you long life and prosperity!
Full Name: Ajimuda Folashade Gladys
Nickname: Linlylin
Date: April 2nd
Sex: Female
Occupation: Student
State of Origin: Ondo State
Facebook Name: Ajimuda Folashade Gladys
Contact: 0903607****
Likes: Singing, chatting, reading novels, writing articles
Dislikes: Anything Annoying
About: To know me is to love me
Quotes: I dream to become a star in the sky…
always believe in yourself, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.—HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! From; Oluwayemisi, BabyGold, your well wishers- Especially me, Ennylex-Gold
“When you were born into this world,
your parents were happy…
We found a great favor from the Lord! That was their song then
When you were still a kid, you behaved like a kid


but when you grew up, your mentality developed
You’re plus one today and you’ll never know evil
So I pray. Amen”
WORDS FROM HER– By Vistanaij
Plus one tuday…….jst lyk 2016 z jst too fast!…….dnt knw wat Tu say, dnt knw wat Tu do….all I Av Tu say z tank u lord! U Av bin so wonderful holy spirit, wen I tot my life has turned upside down u were dere Tu comfort me, wen I gave up on evrytin u were dere Tu give me hope, wen I tot ma life has finished u were dere Tu tell me dat “u jst
started” I dnt knw wat I would Av done witat u by my side. Jst speechless! I still dnt knw wat Tu say! Bt……..i will make sure I dnt forget ma dancin shoes at home, oya ni church am gonna rock it wit dance lyk “”” z ma bornday””!!…
From Ennylex-Gold of Vistanaij

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