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Governor’s Aide in Benue, Kula, Refutes Alleged Attack on Alia

Governor's Aide in Benue, Kula, Refutes Alleged Attack on Alia

Tersoo Kula, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State, has strongly denied a report claiming that Governor Hyacinth Alia was attacked by angry youths in Ugondu community who allegedly pelted his convoy with stones.

In a statement, Kula described the report as fictitious, misleading, and likely intended to undermine and cast a negative light on Governor Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia. He labeled the news as fake and clarified that no objects were thrown at Governor Alia or his convoy anywhere in Benue State.

Kula went on to provide accurate details of the situation, stating that Governor Alia had visited Vaatia College in Makurdi following reported cases of criminality by Ugondu youths. The governor addressed the community, emphasizing the need for those involved in acts of house breakage, theft, vandalism, and desecration of tombs to be apprehended and brought to justice. The youths of the community, under the guidance of their elders, promptly mobilized, arrested some suspects, and handed them over to the security operatives present at the meeting.

Kula highlighted Governor Alia’s popularity and his hands-on approach to governance, emphasizing that he has been freely walking the streets and markets without harassment. He called on media professionals to uphold the principles and ethics of the profession, urging them to verify news sources and avoid propagating fake news. Kula emphasized the importance of investigative journalism and the need to verify the truthfulness of reports before publication.

The statement concluded with a plea for journalists to adhere to the principles and tenets of journalism, as copy-and-paste journalism can lead to the spread of malicious and mischievous stories.

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