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Governor Radda: Nigeria Making Progress Towards Greatness on 63rd Independence

Governor Radda: Nigeria Making Progress Towards Greatness on 63rd Independence

Governor Malam Dikko Umaru Radda of Katsina State expressed his unwavering optimism about Nigeria’s potential for greatness, highlighting that the country is steadily moving closer to achieving remarkable success in various aspects of its national life, despite challenges.

In commemoration of Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary, Governor Radda emphasized the nation’s ongoing progress towards a brighter future.

He cited Nigeria’s status as a model for democratic governance in Africa and its robust economy as promising indicators of the country’s development. Having gained independence from British colonial rule on October 1st, 1960, Nigeria’s sovereignty is a significant milestone that warrants celebration, uniting all Nigerians irrespective of their diverse backgrounds.

Governor Radda acknowledged Nigeria’s substantial strides in economic development, politics, infrastructure, and overall growth over the past six decades. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, the nation has continued to evolve positively. The governor also commended the contributions of Nigeria’s founding fathers and nationalists who played pivotal roles in the struggle for independence and the subsequent development of the country.

Highlighting the achievements of Nigerian citizens and youth in various fields such as arts, music, technology, sports, and global leadership, Governor Radda emphasized their significant impact on the world stage.

On the occasion of Nigeria’s independence anniversary, Governor Radda called upon both leaders and the general populace to recommit themselves to serving the nation. He stressed the importance of loyalty, patriotism, and unity, irrespective of religious, political, or ethnic differences. The governor further urged politicians and public servants to prioritize the national interest over personal agendas. He expressed hope that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his cabinet, along with other leaders, would diligently address the country’s challenges, while receiving support and cooperation from the public through prayers.

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