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One of your biggest concerns is whether or not your current degree will get you a job after school. This might help.
Just for standard (scare tactics) procedure, I’ll share some statistics with you. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, at least 25% of young people are unemployed. That’s like 1 in every 4 young people are unemployed.
Of the remaining employed ones, most of them are probably underemployed (jobs beneath their qualifications). It’s a tough world out here, and no one can say this too much.
But there is one thing that has helped a bunch of people get jobs more quickly than others; Student Internships.
Now, just in case you don’t know what that is, a student internship is one of those jobs you get while you’re on ASUU strike or when you’re on holidays.
You’re probably doing this for extra cash, but you’re also getting training that might come in handy later.
I’ll give you an instance. Let’s say you are a Philosophy student, and you decide to take an internship at your school’s radio station, or anyone at that. You’ll probably stand as much chance as a Mass Communication student of zero experience, or maybe more.
Let’s face it, classroom education is no match for real world experience.
So here’s what you should do.
When you’re not in session, get a job. Work at a restaurant and you’re getting easy HR and customer care experience. Work at a Media company and you’re learning new media practices that even your lecturers aren’t giving you in school.
Work at an engineering firm, and you’ll be seeing real machinery and equipment that you could only see in your textbooks.
Fun fact: I learned how to drive cranes and forklifts because I interned in an engineering company as a student.
It might feel like you should be out doing more fun stuff. But when everyone starts dancing to the labour market, you just might get the last laugh.
Here’s how you can find internships.
Find companies you like. Send cold emails. Tell them why you like their company and why you’d love to learn from them. Keep trying. I mean, what do you have to lose?
I wish you the very best.
Source – Bagitds

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