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General Gowon Calls for Empathy Towards Tinubu Government Amidst Hardship in Nigeria

General Gowon Calls for Empathy Towards Tinubu Government Amidst Hardship in Nigeria

Former Military Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, paid a visit to the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Wednesday, engaging in a candid discussion with President Bola Tinubu regarding the current economic situation in Nigeria.

Speaking to reporters after the private meeting, Gowon acknowledged that criticism towards Tinubu’s administration is a common occurrence for any Nigerian leader. He emphasized the importance of allowing the President sufficient time to address the complex issues at hand.

During their conversation, the ex-military ruler also addressed the political crisis within ECOWAS, particularly the military takeovers in Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Gowon shared valuable insights with President Tinubu on how to effectively resolve these issues.

Gowon expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the President, highlighting the miscommunication surrounding his alleged refusal to attend an ECOWAS conference. He clarified that he was not attempting to sabotage ECOWAS and attributed the misunderstanding to a miscommunication.

The ECOWAS matter was among the topics discussed during their meeting, and Gowon expressed optimism that the issue will be resolved, possibly with a message delivered later in the day at ECOWAS headquarters.

Regarding the current economic hardship in the country, Gowon shared his advice to the President, acknowledging that leaders are constantly faced with reports and criticisms. However, he believed that the government is making sincere efforts to address the various problems plaguing the nation. He urged Nigerians to grant the President the necessary time to achieve significant results, emphasizing that it is premature to expect immediate and perfect outcomes.

Reflecting on his own experiences during the war, Gowon recalled being criticised for being too slow and facing doubts about Nigeria’s prospects. However, he emphasized the importance of understanding the complexities faced by leaders and the progress that can be achieved over time.

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