Frank Artus Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Children, Family, Lifestyle, Net Worth & More

Frank Artus Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Children, Family, Lifestyle, Net Worth & More

This article will let you know about Frank Artus Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Children, Family, Lifestyle, Net Worth & More.

Frank Artus Biography

Gregory Artus Frank, born on May 4th, 1979, hails from Montserrado County, Liberia, and is of mixed heritage – his mother being Liberian and his father Egyptian. Frank’s mother was associated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), while his father was an international businessman. Elsham Hassan Isa, Frank’s younger brother, bears a striking resemblance to him.

Frank received his high school education in Tanama and subsequently attended the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) University in Monrovia, where he obtained a degree in Human Resources Management. Additionally, he holds a degree in Human Resource Management, a certification in Information and Communication Technology, and a diploma in Computer Engineering. After completing his studies, Frank relocated from Liberia to Ghana to pursue his acting career.

Frank Artus Personal Life

Prima Cooper, Frank’s childhood sweetheart, is now his wife and is a politician and entertainer in Liberia. The couple has been blessed with three children, Ardiya, Ardell, and Artus Frank Jr. In a post on his Instagram page on September 16th, 2022, Frank announced the passing of his father.

Frank Artus Career

Prior to relocating to Ghana in 2009 and working with Venus Films, Frank kick-started his acting career in Liberia, taking on minor roles. He went on to venture into Nigeria’s Nollywood industry to shoot movies. Frank’s involvement in the film industry extended beyond acting as he also wrote, directed and starred in the movie Juetey (Children’s Business). The film, which won six awards in 2008, including Best Writer, Best Supporting Actress, and Movie of the Year, marked Frank’s debut screenwriting project.

Furthermore, Frank established the Frank Artist Foundation, a non-governmental organization that provides vocational training and job opportunities to children from low-income families.

Frank Artus Movies

Frank has been actively involved in two major West African movie industries, featuring in numerous films and taking on roles as a director and producer. Some of his notable works include:

  • Agafe
  • Agony of Birth
  • Amaka Mustapha
  • Anger Of A Prince
  • Anointed Prince
  • ATM Masters
  • Beautiful Evil
  • Beyond My Eyes
  • Brave
  • Brides’ War
  • Chelsea
  • Crazy Scandal
  • Desperate Brides
  • Die With Me
  • Different Class
  • Dirty Secret
  • Family Secret
  • Fear Untold
  • Game Mistress
  • Game of Roses
  • Game On
  • Guilty Threat
  • Hands of Fate
  • Holy Secret
  • Illicit Ways
  • Innocent Sin
  • Jewels of the Son
  • Juetey
  • king and gods
  • King’s Throne
  • Kiss and the Brides
  • Kiss My Tears
  • Lost In Thoughts
  • Mad Dog
  • Madam Success
  • Midnight Murder
  • Mission of Justice
  • Money Never Sleeps
  • My Diva
  • My Dying Day
  • My Husband Funeral
  • Mystery of Destiny
  • Native Daughter
  • New Joy
  • Order of the Ring
  • Owerri Soup
  • Professional Lady
  • Professionals
  • Rain Drop
  • Right In My Eyes
  • Seduction
  • Showgirls
  • Sinking Heart
  • Speechless
  • Spiritual Killer
  • Sugar Town
  • Swing of Emotion
  • Tears of the Moon
  • Temptation
  • The Feast
  • The Signature
  • Torment My Soul
  • Under
  • Unfinished Game
  • Un-Fokables
  • War of Roses
  • When You Love Someone
  • Who Loves Me?

Frank Artus Awards & Nominations

Frank is a highly decorated actor, having won multiple awards throughout his career. In 2012, he clinched the Best International Actor award at the African Academy Award. The following year, he received the Hall of Grace Award for his performance in “Order of the Ring,” a popular work that involved him appearing nude on screen. The movie was released in 2012. Frank was also recognized in 2015 with the Face of Africa Award for his notable contributions to the film industry. In addition to his acting achievements, he has been acknowledged for his humanitarian efforts in fighting Ebola in West Africa, receiving the Humanitarian Figure Award from the Continental Award Committee.

Frank Artus Net Worth

It is estimated that Frank’s net worth is $1 million.


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