Former Minister Urges Tinubu, Governors, and Others to Embrace Compassion and Unity for a Progressive Nigeria

Former Minister Urges Tinubu, Governors, and Others to Embrace Compassion and Unity for a Progressive Nigeria

Former Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory, Dr. Ramatu Tijani-Aliyu, has emphasized the importance of compassion and unity in building a progressive country.

She called upon President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, state governors, and all Nigerians to embrace these values. Aliyu expressed these sentiments during the dinner and launch of the Nigerians Unite for Tinubu/Shettima Mandate (NUFTS) compendium, held in Abuja on Friday.

During her speech, Aliyu urged everyone to view the compendium as a rallying cry, inspiring action and collaboration beyond individual differences. She encouraged citizens to rise above divisive tendencies and work together towards the betterment of the nation. Furthermore, she commended NUFTS for its humanitarian efforts, acknowledging that the initiative not only supported Tinubu’s presidential aspirations but also extended its reach beyond mere political support, as highlighted in the compendium.

She said: “Driven by an unwavering belief in the power of education, NUFTS embarked on the noble mission to support the academic endeavours of students from less privileged backgrounds. By providing educational support, NUFTS unlocked the doors of opportunity for those who may have otherwise been left behind. Our dedication to nurturing talent and empowering the next generation is a testament to the commitment of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision to build a brighter future for our nation.

“Moreover, NUFTS has exemplified compassion and solidarity by distributing essential resources to communities in need. From food items to cash and other palliatives, NUFTS has offered a lifeline to those facing the challenges of poverty and adversity. Our noble gestures have not only provided immediate relief but have also instilled a renewed sense of hope and resilience within communities across the region.

“NUFTS’ impact, however, extends far beyond the realms of politics. We recognized the pressing need for improved healthcare access among the less privileged living in semi-urban and rural areas. In response, NUFTS mobilized medical professionals and volunteers to deliver vital healthcare services to those who have been underserved for far too long. Through mobile clinics and community health outreaches, NUFTS has brought relief to individuals who previously had limited or no access to quality healthcare. Our tireless efforts have undoubtedly saved lives and revitalized communities.

“Today, as we leaf through the pages of this compendium, we are reminded that NUFTS’ contributions are not confined to a single cause or ideology. They embody the spirit of selfless service and grassroots development, transcending political affiliations and uniting people from diverse backgrounds. NUFTS members are unsung heroes who embody the values of compassion, unity, and progress. They are the embodiment of change and the catalysts for a brighter future.”

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