Former DJ, DJ Splash, recalls how Naira Marley’s actions nearly drove him crazy, as Iyabo Ojo visits his home

Former DJ, DJ Splash, recalls how Naira Marley's actions nearly drove him crazy, as Iyabo Ojo visits his home
Former DJ, DJ Splash, recalls how Naira Marley's actions nearly drove him crazy, as Iyabo Ojo visits his home

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo recently showed her support for Mohbad by visiting former Marlian in-house DJ, Mathew Aderoju, also known as DJ Splash, at his parents’ house in Ikotun, Lagos.

In a heart-wrenching video that has been circulating on the internet, DJ Splash shared his traumatic experiences at the hands of Naira Marley and Zinoleesky.

DJ Splash initially met Naira Marley after winning the DJ Consequence DJ competition in 2020. He was then signed to Marlian Records by Naira Marley himself. However, trouble began when DJ Splash expressed his desire to pursue singing alongside his DJ career.

According to DJ Splash, Naira Marley and his entourage started plotting against him, aiming to drive him to madness. He revealed that after he moved into Marlian Records’ headquarters, his life took a dark turn, and he began experiencing mental health issues. He eventually reached out to his family for help, but Naira Marley and his group expelled DJ Splash from the house once his family started asking questions.

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When DJ Splash’s mother came to pick him up from Marlian Music HQ, he was a mere shadow of his former self and reportedly suffered from memory loss.

Since returning home, DJ Splash has been unable to work due to the ordeal he went through.

Watch the video below;

Just hours ago, a Nigerian man going by the name 4G Xbox on Instagram shared a disturbing account of Naira Marley allegedly drugging women and engaging in non-consensual sexual activities with them.

Through a series of posts on his Instagram story, he claimed that the Marlian singer, along with Sam Larry, would threaten to harm and even kill the women if they were to expose him.

4G Xbox went on to recount an incident where Naira Marley and his crew engaged in sexual activities with an unconscious lady and her friend, warning them of dire consequences if they were to speak out online.

Furthermore, the man accused Naira Marley of being responsible for the termination of pregnancy belonging to one of his previous partners.

Another revelation came from Tori Keeche, a former artist signed under Naira Marley’s label, who recently shared her own experiences of mistreatment by the singer and his entourage.

In a series of posts on her new Instagram account, Tori disclosed how Naira Marley took control of her former Instagram account after she left the label. She claimed to have overheard discussions about the late Mohbad being targeted for harm and pleaded with them to spare his life, only to face threats in return.

Tori also recounted an incident where she was allegedly assaulted by Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley, because she refused to engage in sexual activities with him. Additionally, she mentioned a clash with Zinoleesky after advising him to distance himself from the label.

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