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FCTA Provides Clarification Regarding Demolition of Lobito Plaza

FCTA Provides Clarification Regarding Demolition of Lobito Plaza

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has discredited a recent video circulating on TikTok, claiming to depict the demolition of a plaza situated on Lobito Crescent, Wuse II, in Abuja.

The FCTA has stated that the video is a deliberate attempt to spread false information and cause unnecessary panic among residents. They clarified that the video was recorded two years ago, in 2021, and the building showcased in it was not demolished.

In a statement signed by Anthony Ogunleye, Director of Press at the Office of the FCT Minister, it was explained that instead of demolition, the Department of Development Control identified a violation related to the building’s usage.

The statement clarified, “Appropriate measures were subsequently taken to address the issue responsibly. Contrary to the claims made in the video, the building was not brought down. Instead, the non-compliant portion was removed to ensure adherence to regulations.”

To provide further evidence, the FCTA attached a current photograph of the building taken on the day, clearly demonstrating that it remains intact. The FCTA emphasized their commitment to enforcing regulations while prioritizing the well-being and safety of residents.

The FCTA strongly condemned the intentional dissemination of false information, emphasizing that it erodes trust and security within communities.

The statement further stated, “What is even more distressing is the ethnic context attached to the misleading videos. Such mischief is counterproductive and only fosters unnecessary fear and discontent.”

The FCTA urged the individuals behind the spread of misinformation to cease their actions, as they contribute nothing positive to society.

They assured residents that the FCTA maintains its dedication to transparent communication and responsible governance. The public was encouraged to verify information from reliable sources before sharing it further.


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