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Ex-APC Presidential Aspirant Affirms Tinubu’s Awareness of Nigerians’ Suffering Amidst Hardship

Ex-APC Presidential Aspirant Affirms Tinubu's Awareness of Nigerians' Suffering Amidst Hardship

Chief Stanley Osifo, a former presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed that President Bola Tinubu comprehends the hardships faced by Nigerians and is actively working towards resolving the country’s economic challenges.

In an interview with the Vistanaij Media on Monday, Osifo stated, “Every Nigerian is currently experiencing some form of hardship. The positive aspect is that even the President has acknowledged these problems and understands the current situation faced by Nigerians.” He further mentioned that during a recent meeting with governors, the President addressed these concerns and assured that with time, the situation would stabilise.

Osifo acknowledged the difficulties faced by Nigerians due to the economic situation and emphasized that the President is actively engaged in finding solutions. He stated, “The President is making concerted efforts to stabilise the economy and has taken steps and interventions to provide relief to the people. I firmly believe that the President is aware of the ongoing situation and is doing everything possible to address these issues.”

He also urged the President, governors, and council chairmen to prioritise the challenges faced by ordinary Nigerians and take necessary actions to alleviate their suffering. Osifo emphasized the importance of curbing wasteful spending and ensuring that Nigerians no longer endure hardships.

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