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Ekiti Emerges as Key Player in Nigeria’s Political Landscape, Oyebanji Asserts

Ekiti Emerges as Key Player in Nigeria's Political Landscape, Oyebanji Asserts

In a broadcast commemorating the 27th anniversary of Ekiti State’s creation on October 1, 1996, as well as Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary, Governor Biodun Oyebanji highlighted the numerous benefits that have emerged since the state’s establishment.

Governor Oyebanji, reflecting on his past role as a university lecturer and Secretary of the Committee for the Creation of Ekiti State, expressed satisfaction that Ekiti State is now recognized as a significant factor in Nigeria. He praised the collaboration of prominent traditional rulers, statesmen, captains of industry, and top bureaucrats in advocating for the state’s creation, emphasizing the realization of their dream.

The governor extended his congratulations to all Ekiti people on the occasion of the state’s 27th anniversary, emphasizing the importance of unity in achieving progress. He applauded Ekiti’s advancements in various aspects of human development, such as education, life expectancy, access to quality healthcare services, and physical infrastructure development.

Governor Oyebanji reaffirmed his commitment to utilizing the state’s abundant mineral resources for economic development. He revealed that his administration is already working with relevant federal government agencies to attract investments in the exploration of these resources, aiming to generate wealth and increase internally generated revenue.

Furthermore, the governor used the opportunity to appeal to the Organized Labour to reconsider their planned strike. He highlighted the government’s efforts to mitigate the impact of subsidy removal, including food distribution, cash transfers to vulnerable individuals, and providing buses for staff and students to reduce transportation costs. He urged local governments to replicate similar interventions in their respective areas. Governor Oyebanji stressed the importance of patience and dialogue in resolving economic challenges, cautioning against exacerbating the fragile economy with a shutdown. He emphasized that a temporary victory from a strike could inflict irreparable damage on the economy and impede the envisioned shared prosperity.

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