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Edo State Government’s Alleged Plan to Divide Benin Kingdom Faces Opposition from Representatives

Edo State Government's Alleged Plan to Divide Benin Kingdom Faces Opposition from Representatives

In response to the ongoing crisis between Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State and Oba Ewuare II of Benin, the House of Representatives has made a decision to establish an ad hoc committee with the aim of resolving the issue.

The resolution to form the committee was reached on Tuesday after a motion of urgent public importance was presented by Billy Osawaru and four other members.

Osawaru, while presenting the motion, highlighted concerns over a deliberate attempt to divide the Benin Kingdom into smaller chiefdoms.

He emphasized that the Oba of Benin holds authority over the entire Benin South Senatorial District and appoints chiefs to manage the affairs of various areas.

According to Osawaru, “The Oba of Benin (with the support of Chiefs appointed by him) exercises his customary dominionship over the Benin Kingdom through the Benin Traditional Council, as the only competent traditional authority in Edo South Senatorial District.”

He expressed worries that the state government’s actions could lead to the creation of a parallel customary council.

As a result, the House of Representatives has decided to establish an ad hoc committee to engage with the Edo State Government and the Benin Traditional Council in order to address the conflict arising from the government’s plan.

The committee has also been tasked with interacting with the National Security Adviser (NSA), the Nigeria Police Force, and other federal security forces in Edo State to raise awareness about the need to prevent any potential violent breakdown of law and order in Edo South and the state as a whole.

The committee has been given a timeframe of one month to report back to the House with their findings and recommendations.


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