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Ebonyi Retirees Appeal to Governor Nwifuru for Relief from Hunger

Ebonyi Retirees Appeal to Governor Nwifuru for Relief from Hunger

Retired civil servants in Ebonyi State who are still awaiting their retirement benefits have reached out to Governor Francis Nwifuru, appealing for assistance due to the prevailing hunger caused by the nation’s economic hardships.

Expressing their disappointment, the affected retirees revealed that Governor Nwifuru had assured them since September 2023 that their gratuities and accumulated pensions would be paid by December 2023. However, they have yet to receive any payments.

They lamented that they had endured years of suffering during the eight-year tenure of former Governor David Umahi, and it was only when Nwifuru assumed office that attention was finally given to their plight. However, the process came to a halt when it reached their turn, leaving them in a state of uncertainty.

Speaking to DAILY POST in Abakiliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, some of the affected retirees expressed their gratitude to Nwifuru for raising their hopes. However, they appealed to him to fulfill his promise and ensure that they are paid, just like others who have already received their dues.

The committee established by the state government, headed by Professor Adeline Idike, was tasked with the responsibility of disbursing the outstanding gratuities and pensions owed to retirees from 1996 to 2021, following the creation of the state. However, it appears that after successfully screening and paying the retirees in November and December 2022, the committee’s activities have ceased. This has raised concerns that the remaining retirees awaiting payment may have been overlooked once again.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the state Head of Service, Mrs Rita-Mary Okoro, regarding the matter were unsuccessful.

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