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Ebonyi Aviation Commissioner, Obichukwu, Stresses Military’s Role in Nigeria’s Peace and Unity

Ebonyi Aviation Commissioner, Obichukwu, Stresses Military's Role in Nigeria's Peace and Unity

Ngozi Obichukwu, the Commissioner for Aviation and Transport Technology in Ebonyi State, emphasized the crucial role of the Nigerian Military in maintaining peace and unity within the country.

She made this statement during a visit by the National Defence College Course 32 Study team to the Chuba Okadigbo’s International Airport in Onueke, Ezza South LGA.

Obichukwu expressed her admiration for the consistent efforts of the military in ensuring peace in Nigeria, emphasizing that the unity of the country relies heavily on their contributions. She acknowledged that without the military’s presence and dedication, it is uncertain what the fate of Nigeria would have been.

The Commissioner highlighted Governor Francis Nwifuru’s commitment to the peace and unity of Nigeria and his support for initiatives that promote national development. She mentioned the ongoing construction work at the Chuba Okadigbo International Airport, stating that the contractor, IDC, is diligently working towards completing the necessary runway infrastructure by May of the following year. She also mentioned the governor’s plans to establish Ebonyi Airways, a local airline, once the runway is ready.

Obichukwu further inaugurated a legal department within the Aviation ministry to address issues related to crises and conflicts. The establishment of this department aims to maintain peace, unity, and order within the ministry. It will also address concerns such as contractors not fulfilling their obligations, abandoning projects, overpayment, or non-payment. The goal is to resolve these issues internally before they become public controversies.

In response, Ben Odoh, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Ebonyi State, encouraged the newly inaugurated legal department to consider establishing a space law center that could potentially evolve into an Aviation School, serving the entire Southeast region.

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