Download Clean Voice Recording App (Settings Included)

Download Clean Voice Recording App (Settings Included)

This is for upcoming artistes or less privileged in terms of finance.

Many times artistes get that jam in mind but the problem everytime is lack of money which is why we surf around and got this dope app for you.



Follow The Settings In The Pictures Below:-

If you are not Satisfied With The Way It Sounds, Just Play Around It, you will get it.

This is the Homepage, you can see the interface is trying to load, that is for the app community, where you can get freebeats but seriously you don’t need that, you can probably upload your own beat from your phone. It doesn’t use data before you can use it. Turn off your data connection to avoid skipping.

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Here you can change the appeggiator tempo, but leave its as default.

Don’t touch the Key, but you can tweak the scale (e.g. Major, Minor and so on)

This is the typical page, the middle button for recording, the first button for importing beat from your phone (it doesn’t require data), the third button, you really don’t need it.

Follow the settings above… But if you are a rapper, set it to noise reduction or natural tune. If you are the type that hates autotune, set it to natural tune.

Pitch Correction Strength:

Should be set to below 86

The other settings, vocal volume and backing track volume, play around that.

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Follow the process above

Follow the process here too… You can play around the settings too.

The app is quite easy to use… Though it’s having premium version but trust me the free version is very Dope!

Thank you for your time


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