Davido Receives Three Grammy Award Nominations

Davido Receives Three Grammy Award Nominations

Nigerian Afrobeat artist Davido is relishing his recent success at the Grammy Awards, as he secures an impressive three nominations. The Grammy nomination list has generated a range of reactions, particularly due to Davido’s notable presence in coveted categories.

Taking a look back at events from October, Vistanaij Media reported on Davido’s proactive step to submit his name and his album, “Timeless,” for consideration in the 2024 Grammy Award nominations. This strategic move aimed for nominations in the Album of the Year and Best Global Music Album categories.

Additionally, Davido entered the race for Song of the Year with his tracks “Unavailable” and “Feel,” each in separate categories. Notably, he also sought recognition as the Best New Artist, a decision that raised eyebrows given his established tenure in the music industry.

Davido had treated his fans to the remarkable “Timeless” album in 2023, receiving widespread acclaim and solidifying his position as Nigeria’s leading artist. Several tracks from the album gained global recognition, further enhancing his stature in the international music scene.

Among the extensive list of submissions, Davido positioned “Timeless” for Album of the Year and Best Global Music Album. The tracks “Feel” and “Unavailable” appeared in multiple categories, including Global Music Performance, Song of the Year, African Music Performance, and Record of the Year. In total, Davido made four Grammy submissions, reflecting his determination to make an indelible mark on the prestigious awards stage.

The recent revelation that three of Davido’s submissions received Grammy approval has sparked an outpouring of congratulatory messages. Prominent Nigerian star and reality TV personality Vee expressed her felicitations with a simple yet heartfelt “Congratulations.”

Others joined in the celebration, praising Davido for his remarkable achievement. One enthusiast remarked, “You did this, congratulations David,” while another exclaimed, “Bringing it home to Nigeria 001.” The accolades continued, with fans hailing him as the greatest Afrobeat artist ever and expressing confidence in his victory at the Grammys.

Amidst the flood of congratulatory messages, Davido stands on the brink of a potentially historic Grammy Awards night, with three nominations showcasing his undeniable impact on the global music stage.

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