Davido Emotionally Responds to First-Ever Grammy Nominations – “Delay is Not Denial”

Davido Emotionally Responds to First-Ever Grammy Nominations - "Delay is Not Denial"

Following his three Grammy nominations, Davido broke his silence on Twitter, expressing his joy and delivering a heartfelt message that emphasized, “delay is not denial.” This emotional acknowledgement comes after years of speculation about when the influential artist would receive Grammy recognition, especially in light of wins by his fellow contemporaries, Burna Boy and Wizkid.

In a calculated move reported by Vistanaij Media in October 2023, Davido took proactive steps by submitting his name and his album, “Timeless,” for consideration in the 2024 Grammy Awards. This strategic maneuver aimed to secure nominations in the Album of the Year and Best Global Music Album categories, showcasing Davido’s ambition to leave an indelible mark on the grand stage of the Grammys.

Adding to the mix were his chart-topping hits “Unavailable” and “Feel,” both competing for the coveted Song of the Year category. Additionally, Davido surprised many by entering the Best New Artist category, a decision that raised eyebrows given his established tenure in the music industry.

Davido’s tweet celebrating the nominations, with the message “delay is not denial,” echoes his long-standing aspiration to be recognized by the Grammy Awards. The recognition in three distinct categories by the Grammys signifies a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

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