Daniel Regha criticizes Mr Ibu’s family for sharing sensitive information, urging them to prioritize privacy

Daniel Regha criticizes Mr Ibu's family for sharing sensitive information, urging them to prioritize privacy

Controversial media personality Daniel Regha has shared an interesting revelation about Mr. Ibu, expressing his view that Mr. Ibu’s family should have kept his medical condition private. Just yesterday, the sad news broke that Mr. Ibu had undergone leg amputation due to a serious health issue.

A few weeks ago, his family had sought financial assistance to avoid this outcome. However, in a recent update, the family disclosed that, given the advanced stage of the illness, amputation was the only way to save his life.

Daniel Regha believes that the family should not have made this news public, especially not so soon. He argues that in a world with fragile privacy, sharing such personal information could do more harm than good.

While acknowledging their need for assistance, he emphasizes that those who did not offer support earlier might not provide genuine help now. Nonetheless, he extends his wishes for the family’s strength and a speedy recovery.

Daniel Regha also addresses the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s wife, who was accused of drugging her husband. He claims that focusing on her rather than seeking the true culprit has diminished the significance of the case. He believes that unnecessary controversies created distractions from the police investigation, turning the case into a mockery. Even after Mohbad’s passing, he notes that the assault remains unpunished, blaming those who failed him both before and after his death.

Daniel Regha does not hold back criticism for Naramaly and Samlary, who were granted bail despite a video showing them assaulting Mohbad. He expresses disbelief at their release, especially after they threatened to sue the police. He concludes by condemning the Nigerian police for consistently failing the public, an outcome he sadly finds predictable.

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