Dad in Florida fires shots at naked roommate discovered in teenage daughter’s bedroom

A Florida man is facing multiple charges for shooting his roommate after he spotted him naked in his teenage daughter’s room.

The owner of the home, Dayne Victor Miller, 44, was arrested at his home early Wednesday after he called police and admitted to shooting at his two adult roommates through a closed bedroom door, the Cape Coral police said in a statement.


According to the official report, Miller told dispatchers that he fired at the pair after learning one of them was naked in his teenage daughter’s room.

The teenager was asleep in her bed when she noticed the naked man beside her. Miller’s daughter then went to tell her dad what happened.

Authorities said Miller had rented a room in the house to a couple and that Miller and the couple had both been drinking heavily earlier in the night.


NBC2 News reported that the naked man confessed to police that he’d been drinking that night and had gotten up to use the bathroom. He said that after he left the bathroom, he accidentally went into the teenager’s room.

The naked man’s wife proceeded to wake him up, shouting that he was in the wrong room. After he woke up, the couple returned to their room. That’s when Miller approached their bedroom and began banging on the door.

Dad in Florida fires shots at naked roommate discovered in teenage daughter’s bedroom

According to the NBC2 News, Miller shouted, “I’ll kill you,” after the door was shut and locked on him.


“They’re nice people so we’ve never really had any problems. What happened with his daughter and everything…that’s kind of disturbing,” neighbor Monica Taylor told the publication. “I didn’t even know that they were renting a room out in that house.”

Police stated that Miller had fired his handgun three to four times into the floor right outside of the couple’s bedroom door.

Miller was subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one weapon offense.

As of Friday morning, March 10, he remained in custody with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He is due back in court on April 10.


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