Comedian Sabinus Encourages Nigerians – “Stinginess Pays”

Comedian Sabinus Encourages Nigerians - “Stinginess Pays”

Nigerian comedian Sabinus has sparked a lively discussion with his recent video praising the benefits of being frugal. In contrast to conventional wisdom, he shared how saying ‘no’ to people’s requests has had a positive impact on his life.

Sabinus claims that since adopting this approach, he feels more refreshed and healthier. His message offers a unique perspective on personal finance and well-being, suggesting that self-care sometimes requires setting boundaries on generosity.

It’s worth noting that just last week, Sabinus waded into more controversial territory by expressing his honest opinion on influencer Jay Boogie’s situation. Boogie had faced complications following a BBL surgery, leading to kidney issues.

Rumors of a necessary kidney transplant emerged but were later dismissed by medical professionals. Sabinus took a firm stance, stating that it would be unreasonable for people to provide financial support for Boogie’s health issues due to the elective nature of the surgery. This candid opinion received mixed reactions, with some criticizing Sabinus for discouraging potential support for Boogie.

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