Comedian Okey Bakassi shares experiences of being approached to traffic drugs

Comedian Okey Bakassi shares experiences of being approached to traffic drugs

Esteemed comedian Okey Bakassi recently shed light on a distressing issue prevalent among many entertainers in Nigeria.

During a candid and insightful interview on Channels TV, Bakassi disclosed the troubling encounters he faced both in Nigeria and abroad. He shared that he had been approached by fraudsters and drug dealers who enticed him to partake in their illicit activities.

According to Bakassi, these invitations became more frequent after his relocation to Lagos State in Nigeria. He emphasized that individuals in the entertainment industry are often perceived as vulnerable targets for such offers.

He highlighted the susceptibility that many entertainers experience due to their pursuit of fame and success. While acknowledging the financial allure associated with drug peddling, Bakassi firmly stated that he declined these propositions, opting instead to “keep things simple.”

Reflecting on his early days in Lagos, Bakassi reminisced about the various temptations he encountered. He further revealed that these offers to join drug trafficking networks were not limited to Nigeria alone, but also extended to him when he was abroad. In some instances, drug dealers even directly approached entertainers, enticing them with promises of quick wealth.

However, Bakassi affirmed that he resisted these temptations, recognizing the perils and consequences of following such a path. He expressed his desire to lead a life that allows him to sleep soundly at night, free from fear and the burden of law enforcement agencies.

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