Chomzy from BBN receives a car as a gift from her boyfriend

Chomzy from BBN receives a car as a gift from her boyfriend
Chomzy from BBN receives a car as a gift from her boyfriend

In a heartwarming public gesture of love and generosity, former Big Brother Naija housemate Chomzy was recently surprised with a brand new Mercedes-Benz, courtesy of her boyfriend.

Fans and followers have been left amazed and congratulatory as Chomzy flaunts her new car.

Earlier this year, speculations about Chomzy and her partner reached a peak, with allegations of her dating a married man. However, her partner came forward to clarify and dismiss all the rumors, stating that he had divorced his wife.

Chomzy, known for her outspoken personality during her time on the Big Brother reality show, continues to make waves beyond the BBN house.

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Alongside her academic achievements, Chomzy has always been unafraid to voice her opinions. Her outspoken nature was evident during her time on the show, where she did not hesitate to express her disappointment in what she perceived as a lack of support from her fans, or “Nigerians,” as she referred to them.

During her first post-show interview with Africa Magic, Chomzy openly expressed her frustration at not receiving enough votes to stay in the competition. While many of her fellow contestants expressed gratitude to their fans for their unwavering support, Chomzy took a different approach, holding Nigerians accountable for her eviction.

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In a candid statement, she lamented, “You guys didn’t vote for me, and now I am out.” This moment showcased her passion and determination to win, which characterized her time in the BBN house.

Last year, Chomzy celebrated a significant milestone in her life by graduating from university. The heartwarming occasion was captured in a video, where her classmates gathered around her, eager to take photos with the accomplished graduate.

Let us recall that Chomzy’s journey in the Big Brother Naija house was marked by multiple consecutive victories. Outside the house, as an influencer, she continues to climb the ladder of success.

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