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Catholic Bishops Criticise Tinubu’s Reforms, Citing Increased Hardship

Catholic Bishops Criticise Tinubu's Reforms, Citing Increased Hardship

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has expressed serious concerns about the impact of the current administration’s reform agenda, which has exacerbated the hardships faced by Nigerians.

During the 2024 First Plenary Assembly of the CBCN, held at the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria Resource Centre in Durumi, Abuja, President Lucius Ugorji conveyed the bishops’ observations on Sunday.

Bishop Ugorji stated that the inflationary trends have made it increasingly difficult for ordinary Nigerians to afford essential commodities like food and medication. He alleged that the government’s reform agenda has contributed to the plight of Nigerians.

The withdrawal of fuel subsidies and the unification of the foreign exchange market have led to a significant rise in petroleum product prices and a steep decline in the value of the naira, according to the bishop.

As a consequence of these economic reforms, millions of Nigerians have been plunged into grinding poverty, unbearable suffering, and unprecedented hardship, as never seen before in the country’s history.

To survive, an increasing number of the poor have resorted to begging. The World Bank recently revealed that over 80 million Nigerians are living below the poverty line of less than two dollars a day, making Nigeria the country with the world’s second-largest population of poor people after India.

“While impoverished Nigerians continue to endure and succumb to the hardships caused by the government’s economic reforms, the president keeps urging the population to make further sacrifices, promising brighter days ahead,” Bishop Ugorji remarked.

He also emphasized that Nigerians expected to witness significant reductions in the cost of governance at all levels, especially as the government demanded more sacrifices from the struggling masses.

Regarding insecurity, the bishop highlighted that despite the monthly allocation of funds as security votes, communities across the country continue to face persistent insecurity. He expressed concern over the growing incidents of kidnapping for ransom and escalating cases of bloodshed.

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