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Call for Government Empowerment of Women in Civil Service with Internet Skills to Combat Fraud

Call for Government Empowerment of Women in Civil Service with Internet Skills to Combat Fraud

Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi, the Vice Chancellor of Federal University Lokoja, has urged government entities, employers, and international organizations to empower women in the Civil Service with computer and internet skills to effectively combat internet fraud and other illicit practices in the country.

During the opening ceremony of the ‘EmpowerNet: Secure-Connect-Strive for Kogi Women in Civil Service’ three-day training workshop organized by the US Exchange Alumni Kogi Chapter, Prof. Akinwumi emphasized the importance of equipping women with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the digital landscape, as it will break down historical barriers that limited their participation in the workforce.

He stated that computer proficiency can help transcend traditional gender biases, enhance individual capabilities, and enable women to make meaningful contributions in various fields.

By empowering women with ICT skills, Nigeria can pave the way for a more equitable future, where opportunities and achievements are based on merit rather than gender, Prof. Akinwumi added.

He expressed hope that the training workshop would enhance the participants’ capacities and empower them to unlock their full potential in their homes, workplaces, and the wider world.

The Chairman of the Kogi Chapter of US Exchange Alumni, Prof. Joseph Abel, explained that the training aims to equip the participants with practical knowledge in computer usage, information management, fraud prevention, and email communication. The women attending the workshop were selected from different ministries and agencies.

Mr. Peter Akin Tokunbo, the Lead Facilitator and Director of the Federal University Lokoja ICT Centre, mentioned that while some of the women already possess computer skills, the training will focus on teaching them how to use the internet safely.

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