Bobrisky Sets Expectations for Netizens “Spray Nothing Less than 200k’ if Invited to Father’s Burial”

Bobrisky Sets Expectations for Netizens "Spray Nothing Less than 200k' if Invited to Father's Burial"
Bobrisky Sets Expectations for Netizens "Spray Nothing Less than 200k' if Invited to Father's Burial"

Bobrisky, the famous internet personality and socialite, has once again grabbed headlines for his extravagant expectations from guests who wish to attend his father’s burial.

Known for his opulent lifestyle and flamboyant personality, Bobrisky recently outlined specific conditions for those seeking an invitation to the burial ceremony.

In a social media post, he made it clear that attendance would come at a significant cost. He stated,“Those of you here saying you want me to invite you to my dad’s burial, well, there are conditions. You will come and spray nothing less than 200k because you all know my party is luxury, with enough food and drinks.”

This announcement follows Bobrisky’s previous disclosure of his father’s passing, though he did not provide further details regarding the circumstances.

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During the initial burial proceedings, a viral video surfaced showing a religious clergyman cautioning Bobrisky against hosting an extravagant ceremony for his late father. However, it appears that Bobrisky is determined to honor his father’s memory in a lavish manner.

In preparation for the event, Bobrisky shared a video on Instagram where he was seen selecting a headtie (gele) for the burial. He mentioned visiting Lagos Island specifically for this purpose, highlighting his commitment to creating a memorable and extravagant occasion.

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It is noteworthy that Bobrisky had recently celebrated his 32nd birthday just a few weeks before his father’s passing. His birthday was marked by an elegant photoshoot, where he expressed his affinity for the finer things in life, showcasing his penchant for luxury and extravagance.

Now, as he prepares to bid farewell to his late father, Bobrisky is dedicating himself to ensuring that the burial event lives up to his high standards.

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