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Bloody Civilian – I Don’t Like You ft. JELEEL! MP3 | Music Download

I Don’t Like You by Bloody Civilian

Bloody Civilian – I Don’t Like You ft. JELEEL!
Song Information
Song Title:I Don’t Like You
Category:Latest Naija Music
Year Released:2023
Genre:Hip hop

Bloody Civilian teams up with JELEEL! on the dynamic track “I Don’t Like You,” creating a vibrant blend of attitude and artistry. This collaboration spins a tale of personal truth and the stark realities of clashing personalities, wrapped in a soundscape that’s both invigorating and raw.

The song weaves a story many can relate to, about the universal experience of not gelling with someone, no matter the effort. Bloody Civilian’s smooth verses contrast with JELEEL!’s energetic vibe, showcasing a rich tapestry of musical styles and emotional honesty.

With a beat that grabs you from the first note, the production of “I Don’t Like You” supports the powerful message without overshadowing the artists’ unique sounds. It’s the kind of track that’s poised to become a repeat favorite, offering a catchy chorus and a beat that sticks.

This single stands out for its unfiltered expression and the seamless way it brings together two distinct musical talents, promising to resonate with listeners who love their music served with sincerity and a bold beat.

Listen and download “I Don’t Like You by Bloody Civilian” below:


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