B-Red reveals how he and Davido sold 20 TVs from his father’s house to raise funds

B-Red reveals how he and Davido sold 20 TVs from his father’s house to raise funds

Nigerian singer B-Red, who happens to be singer Davido’s cousin, recently shared a story about how he resorted to selling 20 TVs from Davido’s father’s house in order to raise funds. B-Red revealed this during an interview with Echoo Room, where he recounted the events leading up to their decision.

According to B-Red, their predicament began when renowned music producer Don Jazzy offered to assist him and Davido while they were living abroad, but on the condition that they returned to Nigeria. In desperate need of money, B-Red took matters into his own hands.

He decided to visit Davido’s billionaire father’s residence and took away 20 TVs, which they subsequently sold to generate the necessary funds. B-Red admitted that their initial plan was to sell Davido’s father’s cars; however, they discovered that all the vehicles were registered under his name, posing a significant obstacle. Even when they attempted to sell the Hyundai car Davido’s father had purchased for him, they were foiled because Davido had cleverly changed the ownership documents to his own name.

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B-Red acknowledged that he now regrets his actions, but at the same time, he expressed a sense of contentment for the course of action they took.

Don Jazzy told us to come to Nigeria and he would support us after we hosted him for 5 hours.

Me and Davido wanted to sell all the cars in the house, but we couldn’t because the cars weren’t in our names. Davido’s father bought him Hyundai but luckily before we could sell it he had already changed the car documents to his name. We couldn’t sell off the cars but we sold up to 16 to 17s TV plus 3 TVs from the basement.

I busted Davido’s father’s house and we sold 20 TVs from his father’s house.

I regret doing all these things but at the same time, I am happy. I regretted it because of the disrespect, but at the same time I am happy I did it”.

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