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Asset Cleanup Pro WP Plugin (GPL Download) v1.1.7.5

Asset Cleanup Pro WP Plugin (GPL Download) v1.1.7.5
Asset Cleanup Pro WP Plugin (GPL Download) v1.1.7.5

We only publish Plugins and Themes (GPL) for testing purposes (not for commercial use), if you need one, click the demo link to check the price and buy. We Only Post so you know what it’s like before purchasing.
▪️100% Clean
▪️Not Nulled
▪️For Educational Purposes only
▪️Click the demo link to buy if you need one

Download Asset Cleanup Pro WordPress Plugin, Clean, No Malware (Not Cracked)


Asset Cleanup Pro WordPress Plugin is a simple but active plugin used to cleanup and make the speed of your website fast as Jet.

Are you doubting it?

Try it and see.

Many People wrote Articles Concerning Using Asset Cleanup Pro plugin + Wp Rocket WordPress Plugin but the truth now is, they are not compatible.

Why? Using Asset Cleanup Pro Plugin can make your website faster at first but can be harmful to your website also.

For example using the minify option on Asset Cleanup Pro Plugin and also on Wp Rocket can break your site.

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Some of the things present in Asset Cleanup Pro are also present in Wp Rocket, So you don’t have to combine their functions together.

Using Asset Cleanup + Wp Rocket

Combining both Plugins together can give you better performance though but this is my advice for you if you want to combine them together;

Do not use the option you have chosen before on wp rocket on asset cleanup.

The only feature I will advise you to use when using asset cleanup with wp rocket is disabling loading of plugins where they are not needed to load.

It’s not that Asset Cleanup is useless but using it with wp rocket can harm your site.

Features of Asset Cleanup Pro Plugin v1.1.7. 5

  • Unload or Manage CSS and JavaScripts files
  • Site-wide unload options
  • Bulk unloads support
  • Manage JS/CSS files directly from front-end
  • Test Mode for debugging
  • Minify and combine loaded JS and CSS files
  • Change the location of JS and CSS files (<Head> or <Body>)
  • Remove RSD, Windows Live Editor, Rest API, etc.
  • Disable XML-RPC protocol
  • Inline CSS and JavaScript files
  • Reduce render-blocking resources by deferring CSS
  • Async and Defer attributes
  • Show the file size of each loaded CSS and JS files
  • Higher page speed score
  • Allows to unload specific plugins
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Demo/Preview on Gabelivan

[mks_button size=”large” title=”DEMO/PREVIEW” style=”squared” url=”https://www.gabelivan.com/items/wp-asset-cleanup-pro/” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#0066bf” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-paper-plane” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”0″]

Changelog For Asset Cleanup Pro Plugin v1.1.7.5

  • The caching of a file is re-built based on the filemtime() value as developers often forget to update the value of the “ver” (/?ver=) after updating a CSS/JS file’s content.
  • Prevent certain JavaScript code containing random strings such as nonces (e.g. CDATA one) from being added to the combined JS files to avoid the plugin generating lots of JS combined files that would increase the total disk space by writing to the caching directory.
  • Fix: “Combine CSS” was not working, unless “Combine JS” was also enabled.
  • Update for the feature to check if the asset’s content (CSS/JS) is already minified.
  • And other important fixes

[mks_button size=”large” title=”DOWNLOAD ASSET CLEANUP PRO” style=”squared” url=”https://www.mediafire.com/file/idjovgw8lyuok3u/wp-asset-clean-up-pro-v1.1.7.5.zip” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#0066bf” txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-chevron-down” icon_type=”fa” nofollow=”0″]


Note: This Plugin is part of loyalty for those who are visiting this website.

As you know we don’t distribute harmful Plugins to you because we also have a site and we don’t want any harm to happen to it.

Here is the activation key for this plugin


You can also type in any 32 keys just like above to activate it (custom) only for you. Thank Me Later

▪️100% Clean
▪️Not Nulled
▪️For Educational Purposes only
▪️Click the demo link to buy if you need one

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