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Air Force Conducts Successful Raids against Terrorists in Borno State

Air Force Conducts Successful Raids against Terrorists in Borno State

The air component of Operation Hadin Kai, the joint military task force, has successfully eliminated a number of terrorists in the Ajigin and Banki Junction areas of Borno State.

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, the Director of Public Relations and Information at the Nigerian Air Force, reported that significant achievements were made through two major airstrikes conducted on November 8 and November 11.

These airstrikes were part of ongoing efforts by the military to clear out remnants of terrorists from these locations.

Gabkwet explained that the terrorists had concealed four gun trucks beneath thick shrubbery and were planning to launch attacks on troops stationed around Damboa and Wajiroko.

During the operation, three of the gun trucks were hit by the airstrikes, resulting in thick black smoke and fire engulfing them. The fourth gun truck attempted to flee the scene but was pursued for approximately 26 kilometers. Eventually, it was located under a tree and struck, causing it to catch fire and become immobile.

The destruction of all four gun trucks, along with their occupants, significantly degraded the terrorists’ capability to launch attacks on friendly forces and local communities in the area.

These successful raids demonstrate the Nigerian Air Force’s commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring the safety and security of the region.

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