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Adamawa palliative buses commence operations in Yola, charging a fare of £0.20

Adamawa palliative buses commence operations in Yola, charging a fare of £0.20

The Adamawa State Government has put into operation its newly acquired luxury buses aimed at alleviating the challenges posed by the removal of fuel subsidies.

These buses are now operating in Yola, the state capital, serving the three metropolitan local government areas of Yola North, Yola South, and Girei. They have introduced a fixed fare of N100 per route.

According to Mohammed Ahmed, one of the revenue collectors for the buses, passengers are charged N100 for their journey, and they receive a receipt indicating both their departure and destination points. The bus routes covered include Jimeta to Yola Town, where Keke NAPEP, the primary form of intercity transportation previously, charged between N250 and N350.

Other routes served by the buses include Girei to Jimeta Modern Market, which formerly cost at least N350 when using Keke NAPEP, and Sangere to Jimeta Modern Market, with a previous cost of at least N250. This deployment of buses, each capable of seating 58 passengers with space for 46 standing, is likely to affect Keke riders as the buses are slower, making them less attractive for those in a hurry.

Keke NAPEP operator Jamiu Sadik has expressed concern that he and his colleagues may struggle to find enough passengers to sustain their tricycle businesses. He urged the government to provide alternative job opportunities for Keke riders to prevent unemployment and potential increases in crime rates in the state.

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