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Abia State Government Refutes Claims of Spending N927m on Governor Otti’s Meals and Related Expenses

Abia State Government Refutes Claims of Spending N927m on Governor Otti's Meals and Related Expenses

The Abia State Government has refuted circulating reports alleging that it spent a staggering amount of N927 million on Governor Alex Otti’s meals, welfare packages, and other expenses within a three-month period.

Earlier reports had surfaced online, citing a budget performance report that purportedly revealed the government’s expenditure of N927 million on refreshments, meals, honorarium, sitting allowances, and welfare packages. It was claimed that N223,389,889.84 was allocated to refreshments and meals, while N305,400,000.00 was spent on honorarium and sitting allowances for government officials between July and September 2023.

The report has sparked controversy on social media, with many Nigerians questioning how such a substantial amount of money could be spent in just three months.

However, when approached by Vistanaij Media for clarification, Ferdinand Ekeoma, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Publicity, dismissed the report as inaccurate. He assured that an official response would be provided to address the viral report from the online platform.

Ekeoma simply stated, “The report is incorrect, there was nothing like that, and we will issue an official response to clarify the matter.”

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