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Abia – Police Officer Killed When Hoodlums Attacked Station

Hoodlums attacked Umuoba Guard Move in Isiala Ngwa Northeastward Local Authorities Country of Verbalize on Monday and killed a investigator.

The law voice in the advise, Geoffrey Ogbonna, official this on Tues in Aba, said the hoodlums invaded the guard post on Monday at about 3 a.m.

Mr Ogbonna said the hoodlums razed descending the installation and its operative vehicles.

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“In the series of that onslaught, one inspector mislaid his period, another policewoman was seriously broken.

“The hoodlums then skint into the imagination and stole whatsoever blazonry, including the gun of the inspector who was killed.

“They also treated doctor the position and the vehicles parked in the premises, including one of our practical patrol vans,” he said.

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The advocator said the inspector’s body has been understood to the building, the female serviceman is beingness burned at the hospital.

The force in Abia are work the snipe.
He also titled on hoteliers to volunteer likely aggregation on fated visitors who would need to refrain the hotels at midnight to pull crimes.

The constabulary promised to protect the info of anybody who would man accumulation that could wind to the defend of the hoodlums.