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Abia Assembly Expresses Concerns about Proliferation of Unauthorised Scrap Dump Sites

Abia Assembly Expresses Concerns about Proliferation of Unauthorised Scrap Dump Sites

The Abia State House of Assembly has taken a decisive stance against the establishment of scrap dump sites without the government’s approval.

In a resolution passed by the Assembly, the state government, specifically the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, as well as the Ministries of Environment and Homeland Security, have been tasked with addressing this issue.

The resolution was prompted by a motion presented to the House by Mr Chijioke Uruakpa, the representative of Ugwunagbo State Constituency, and supported by other members. The motion highlighted the urgent need for the state government to intervene and address the activities and challenges posed by scrap dealers.

Uruakpa appealed to the House and the state government to thoroughly investigate the activities of scrap dealers and take appropriate legal action against those found in violation of regulations.

Responding to Uruakpa’s appeal, the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Emmanuel Emeruwa, stated that the House would draft legislation to regulate the operations of scrap dealers in the state. The aim is to mitigate the adverse effects experienced by the residents of Abia.

This action by the Abia State House of Assembly was prompted by the growing number of unauthorized scrap dump sites that have emerged in various parts of the state, particularly in the streets of Aba, the commercial city, and Umuahia, the state capital.

Additionally, the House introduced a bill for the establishment of a college of nursing sciences, which underwent its first reading. The bill aims to establish the college and serve other related purposes.

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